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Highest Rated Snippets

Collapsible Text Block (Rating: 341, Comments: 40)

This solutions will show you how to make nice collapsible text blocks. What for? See the examples, you should know.

Foldable List (Rating: 205, Comments: 21)

Do you like a foldable list from My Account or Site Manager? Create your own!

Tabs (Rating: 159, Comments: 88)

This solution will show you how to create tabs.

Layout With Tables (Rating: 143, Comments: 91)

A nice way to add advanced layout control using the [[table]] tag. The example uses the style attribute for the whole table and particular cells to adjust layout.

Adding A Site Logo (Rating: 110, Comments: 38)

This snippet lets you add a logo to the site by creating a custom CSS.

Include Any Page (Rating: 107, Comments: 38)

Here is a way to include ANY page within your Wiki page using an [[iframe]] element.

Google Gadgets (Rating: 104, Comments: 27)

Google now offers tons of gadgets one can embed into web pages. The directory of gadgets is available at:

Extra Side Bar (Rating: 101, Comments: 8)

Creates an extra side-bar using the floating div element. It is quite easy if you know CSS.

Automatic Sitemap (Rating: 100, Comments: 22)

It is quite important to have a nice and clean structure of the site. One of the best ways to do maintain such a structure is to use the "parent page" relation. This allows to:

  • display breadcrumb navigation element within pages
  • make nice sitemaps and listings

Multicolumn Layout (Rating: 90, Comments: 26)

OK, so you want a multicolumn layout. Unfortunately there are no special wiki tags for multicolumn layout but the result can be easily achieved using the [[div]] tags and adding CSS style to it.

Recently Added Snippets

snippets.lol (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)

put description what kind of problem does the solution solve and how

Level C-1018 (Rating: 2, Comments: 0)

ccbysa threepointzero


等级等級 0

  • 安全
  • 稳定
  • 实体绝迹


[[include :backrooms-wiki-cn:component:level-class

class 处的可用参数包括以下内容,支持简繁体及英文输入。
English 简体中文 繁體中文
0 1 2 3 4 5 0 1 2 3 4 5 0 1 2 3 4 5
unknown 未知 未知
habitable 宜居 宜居
deadzone 死区 死區
pending 等待分级 等待分級
n/a 不适用 不適用
amended 修正 修正
omega 终结 終結


[[include :backrooms-wiki-cn:component:level-class

lang 处选择语言,cn 表示简体中文,tr 表示繁体中文,不填默认选择简体中文。


[[include :backrooms-wiki-cn:component:level-class

使用 CSS 进行自定义:

你可以使用 CSS 进行额外的自定义,将代码放入到 [[module css]] 中或者是放入到页面的版式内都可以。在这一组件中,不要把 [[module css]] 放在 [[include]] 里面,把它放在那个的下面或者是页面的顶部或底部。
将这些代码放入到你的页面/版式中以编辑所有的颜色,因为组件的 |color= 部分仅能控制背景:

[[module css]]
.sd-container {
/* 字体 */
--sd-font: Poppins, Noto Sans SC, Noto Serif SC;

/* 边框 */
--sd-border: var(--gray-monochrome); /* 大多数等级 */
--sd-border-secondary: 0, 0, 0; /* 不适用 */
--sd-border-deadzone: 20, 0, 0; /* 死区 */

/* 标志 */
--sd-symbol: var(--sd-border) !important; /* 大多数标志 */
--sd-symbol-secondary: 255, 255, 255; /* 4 级以上的是白色 */

/* 文本 */
--sd-bullets: var(--sd-border) !important; /* 点句符文本颜色 */
--sd-text: var(--swatch-text-secondary-color); /* 顶部框文本颜色 */

/* 等级颜色 */
--class-0: 247, 227, 117;
--class-1: 247, 227, 117;
--class-1: 255, 201, 14;
--class-2: 245, 156, 0;
--class-3: 249, 90, 0;
--class-4: 254, 23, 1;
--class-5: 175, 6, 6;
--class-unknown: 38, 38, 38;
--class-habitable: 26, 128, 111;
--class-deadzone: 44, 13, 12;
--class-pending: 182, 182, 182;
--class-n-a: 38, 38, 38;
--class-amended: 185, 135, 212;
--class-omega: 25, 46, 255;



[[module css]]
.sd-container {
--sd-border: 90, 29, 27;
--sd-image: 90, 29, 27;
--sd-symbol: 90, 29, 27;

练习的草稿文本(1145141919810) (Rating: 2, Comments: 1)

if a == 1919810 :
insert the code here

new cornify (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)

an update of cornify.

To add tabs to your sandbox so you can have multiple drafts, use the following code: tabview tab Title 1 Text goes here (Rating: 2, Comments: 3)

its an idea i had for an scp its kinda stupid but thats okay

Text changes colors (Rating: 10, Comments: 0)

put description what kind of problem does the solution solve and how

Column Layouts with CSS Grid (Rating: 2, Comments: 0)

Although for a long time there have been ways to create 2-column layouts for your site, none are more effective or efficient than CSS3 Grid Layout. Here, you can see how to use it to create 2 columns, with a gap between them!

测试页面SCP (Rating: 11, Comments: 3)

[[include :scp-wiki-cn:component:customizable-acs
|risk-class= yggdrasil
|risk-image= https://scp-wiki.wdfiles.com/local--files/calibri-s-mega-cool-art-page-it-s-mostly-just-icons-but-what/Yggdrasil.svg
|risk-color= 0,0,255
|inc-risk= —]]]

Do not try in life 2 (Rating: 0, Comments: 1)

put description what kind of problem does the solution solve and how

Do not try in life (Rating: 3, Comments: 0)


/* customizable snowflake styling */
.snowflake {
color: #fff;
font-size: 1em;
font-family: Arial, sans-serif;
text-shadow: 0 0 5px #000;

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