8 Awesome Things That Will Make Your Website Awesome!

By MokapHorseMokapHorse


Wanna create some nice things for your wiki? This is a tutorial for you!
I will teach you to do 8 things, Colored Text, Tabs, Blockquotes, Collapsible Text, Titles, Horizontal Rules, Code Examples and Clickable links!

Colored Text

Colored Text is freaking easy! Here is some examples of colored text:

This is a red text!
A green one too!
Here is some nice pink, made with hex codes!
multi color!!
You can choose any color you want!

To make a colored text, put the following code in your wiki:

##blue| your text##

your text

You can change the "blue" to any color you want, like yellow, red, any thing.

##green| green text##

green text

Hex colors works too, i will put a brown hex code:

##6d6853| hex code!##

hex code!


Tabs is a nice and cool thing to put and organize your website, here is an example:

This is a tab, you can put text here!

You can put images in tabs too, but anyways, here is the code:

[[tab name of your tab]]
put your text here.
[[tab another tab cool!]]

put your text here.

You can put lots of tabs, if you want another tab, here is the code for a tab, just put it inside the "[[tabview]]":
[[tab Your Tab Name]]
text goes here.


Blockquotes are nice things to put in your wiki too, it can be used for a lot of things related to text, here is an blockquote:

this is a blockquote

you can put text in it

Nested Blockquotes!

more text!!!

Here is the code for Blockquotes:

> Blockquote
> text
>> blockquote
>>> more blockquotes




more blockquotes


If you want your blockquotes to work, you need to put a space " " after the ">".

Collapsible Text

Like Tabs, collabsible text can be used to get your wiki nice and organized, here is an example:

To put a collapsible text in your wiki, just put this code:

[[collapsible show="Text here :)" hide="Dont close me :("]]
##red| Why not red text?##
awesome text here!!

Titles is what you saw in this guide, it helps organization too!

This is a title

Second Title

Third Title

Fourth Title

Fifth Title
Sixth Title

To put a title, put this code in your wiki:

+ Title with only one "+"
++ Title with two "++"
+++ Title with three "+++"
++++ Title with four "++++"
+++++ Title with five "+++++"
++++++ Title with six "++++++"

Title with only one "+"

Title with two "++"

Title with three "+++"

Title with four "++++"

Title with five "+++++"
Title with six "++++++"

Horizontal Rules

Horizontal Rules is for organization too, this is an horizontal rule:

^ Is that line

To make an horizontal rule, just simply type five "-" in your wiki, like this!

Horizontal Rules are Awesome!

Code Examples

Code Examples is everything in this guide, as the name says, it's for code showcase:

code here, showcase your viewers

To put a code showcase just put this in your wiki:
your awesome code :)!
your awesome code :)!

Clickable Links

As the name says, it's a text that when you click, it leads to something, like this:


You can change the text of the clickable link too, to make it more fancy ;)

This link leads to google :)

To create clickable links, just put this:

[[[https://site here.com]]]

If you want to change the text, put this on your site:
[[[https://site here.com|Text here]]]

If you want to make the text lead to any other pages of your site, put this:
[[[name of the page of your site]]]

Thanks for visiting my guide, i hope it helps!

Thanks to tsangk for this great snippet: conditional-blocks

text above inserted with:

[[include :snippets:if START |unique=1|type=equal|var1=%%name%%|var2=conditional-blocks]]
**##red|Thanks to tsangk for this great snippet:##** [[[code:conditional-blocks]]]
[[include :snippets:if END]]

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