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With "html" command ( embed a foreign code) on a page you can insert near all scripts from external suppliers in your wiki-page ( see also snippet Use any html code on a page ).

The problem: sometimes you need the embbeded script called in your page that it is "opening in a new tab/window "

Thanks to Timothy FosterTimothy Foster !
There is an information from him on the community forum Thread Html & New Windows which is very clever solving this problem.
I have copied his post here for better understanding:


Currently your iframe looks like this:

<script src="" type="text/javascript">


Change it to this:

<base target="_blank" />
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Source info:
Test Page:

the little line @base target="_blank" /@ makes the trick…!

In action

Test Page:

Thanks Timothy!

Thanks to tsangk for this great snippet: conditional-blocks

text above inserted with:

[[include :snippets:if START |unique=1|type=equal|var1=%%name%%|var2=conditional-blocks]]
**##red|Thanks to tsangk for this great snippet:##** [[[code:conditional-blocks]]]
[[include :snippets:if END]]

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