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Falling Snowflakes Effect (Rating: 31, Comments: 11)

  • Put the code in the Sidebar to otherwise in a specific page.
  • Code no need be inside HTML tags

Column Layouts with CSS Grid (Rating: 2, Comments: 0)

Although for a long time there have been ways to create 2-column layouts for your site, none are more effective or efficient than CSS3 Grid Layout. Here, you can see how to use it to create 2 columns, with a gap between them!

测试页面SCP (Rating: 1, Comments: 0)

[[include :scp-wiki-cn:component:customizable-acs
|risk-class= yggdrasil
|risk-color= 0,0,255
|inc-risk= —]]]

Do not try in life 2 (Rating: 0, Comments: 1)

put description what kind of problem does the solution solve and how

Do not try in life (Rating: 1, Comments: 0)


/* customizable snowflake styling */
.snowflake {
color: #fff;
font-size: 1em;
font-family: Arial, sans-serif;
text-shadow: 0 0 5px #000;

Include Without iframe (Rating: 1, Comments: 0)

Sometimes the <iframe> element is not what you need, when showing something from another Wikidot page. One example is putting in CSS from a different Wikidot page. Or if the page has a lot of info, and you don't feel like copy/pasting.

Table Of Contents (Rating: 4, Comments: 1)

A Table Of Contents is a block which can be put so that you can skip between chapters or headings without scrolling down to your favourite chapter or place.A Table Of Contents can be written in CSS as:


But now after you put this nothing happens as your Table Of Contents is empty, to fix this, put some headings and now you're ready!

How to use a Tag (Rating: 2, Comments: 1)

How to use a tag:

Links (Rating: 7, Comments: 3)

As such some things could lead to other pages, but how? Well there's this code for a link:

Headings (Rating: 2, Comments: 2)

Headings are a kind of thing in which you put to seperate other areas of your words. In other words, it is a way to organise your work clearly while being put into different sections.

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